Revised Ex Gratia Scheme for Victims of Sexual Abuse at Day Schools

The government has announced the details of a revised ex gratia scheme that would provide compensation of up to €84,000 to victims of child sexual abuse in day schools.

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Sinn Fein TD, Mr. Pa Daly, addresses the Dail on the 21st of April regarding the HSE review of CAMHS in Co. Kerry

Revised Ex Gratia Scheme- Day Schools

On the 21st of July 2021, the Government announced its decision to provide ex-gratia payments to those who experience sexual abuse as a pupil in a recognised day school prior to the issuing of the Guidelines for Procedures for Dealing with Allegations or Suspicions of Child Abuse and who had issued legal proceedings against the State in this regard.

The Scheme was established to implement the European Court of Human Rights judgment in O’Keeffe v. Ireland (35810/09)

Revised Ex Gratia Scheme
Important FAQ’S

Who can apply?

The Scheme is open for those who were sexually abused while a pupil at a recognised day school prior to November 1991 for primary schools or June 1992 for post primary schools.

The Process

The Scheme will be administered by The State Claims Agency.  An application must be submitted to the Scheme Administrator.

How much will I receive?

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria for the Scheme will be offered an ex-gratia payment of €84,000. 

 Those who are eligible for the Scheme, and have already settled a claim against the State in respect of sexual abuse and received less than €84,000, will be entitled to the difference between that and their settlement amount.  For example, if you received a settlement of €50,000, you will be entitled to an additional payment of €34,000 through the Scheme.