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Acquired Brain Injury Claims

If you, or a member of your family, have experienced an acquired head or brain injury, or if a brain injury is sustained following birth, medical or surgical procedures, you should consult one of our experienced Brain Injury Solicitors at the earliest possibility.

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Acquired Brain Injury Physical and Psychological Effects

A Traumatic Brain Injury is sudden damage to the brain which occurs when an outside force is applied to the brain or body that affects the brain’s functioning. Common causes include assaults, falls, car crashes, birth injuries and sports injuries. The injuries range from mild concussions to severe permanent brain damage. Traumatic brain injury can have wide-ranging physical and psychological effects. Consequently, each person is affected in different ways.

Symptoms may appear directly after the traumatic event or may manifest in the following days and weeks. A GP and/or Consultant Neurologist will diagnose the existence and extent of the injury.

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Types of Brain Injuries?

1.1) What is an Acquired Brain Injury?

A brain injury that happens after birth and is not hereditary, congenital or degenerative. Acquired brain injuries can be traumatic or non-traumatic.

The Consequences of an Acquired Brain Injury

The long-term effects of an acquired brain injury can be difficult to predict. The manner in which it present will be different for every person; symptoms can range from mild to profound. They will depend on factors such as the nature, severity, and location of the injury. They will also depend on the persons abilities and personality prior to the suffering the injury. It may take some time after an accident

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to recognise the presence of an acquired brain injury, particularly where there is no visible external injury.

Common Changes: Often people who with an acquired brain injury will have increased mental and physical fatigue as well as some slowing down in the manner in which they process information. They may also experience behavioural and personality changes as well as physical and cognitive changes.

1.2) Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain Injury is sudden damage to the brain which occurs when an outside force is applied to the brain, or body, that affect the brain’s functioning.

Common causes include assaults, falls, car crashes and sports injuries. The injuries range from, mild concussions to severe permanent brain damage.

1.3) Non-Traumatic Brain Injury

A non-traumatic injury is not a result of an external physical fore. Instead it can be caused by an illness or condition within the body, these include metabolic disorders, heart attack, tumours, aneurysms, hydrocephalus, hypoxia etc. A non-traumatic injury may also be caused by medical negligence.

Instructing a Solicitor for an Acquired Brain Injury Claims

When choosing a solicitor to deal with a traumatic brain injury claims it is very important to choose one who is a specialist in the area with extensive experience of these types of claims. Traumatic brain injury claims are more complex than most other injury cases and require your solicitor to work with you and your family to establish the exact nature and extent of your injury and how it affects your life. The advice given to you will be tailored to your specific circumstances and your solicitor will instruct the right experts to access and value your claim. Your solicitor will guide you through every step in the process.

Immediate Steps to Take

Contact a Solicitor

There is generally a time limit of two years less one day from the date of the injury within which you must bring this type of claim, if you are over 18. If the injured party is under 18, their parent or guardian can bring a claim for them. So, it is important to contact a solicitor at the earliest opportunity once you are medically able to do so.

Record all Details of the Incident

It is very important you make a comprehensive note of everything you can recall as to how the injury incurred. It may be hard to do this following an injury of this nature and therefore it might be necessary to have the assistance of a family member or friend. Having a detailed record will greatly assist your solicitors when dealing with your case.

Things to include in the record are:

  1. How the accident happened?
  2. Where the accident happened?
  3. What you were doing at the time of the accident?
  4. Who you were with at the time of the accident?
  5. What medical treatment you received immediately following the accident
  6. Any other information you feel is relevant

Coleman Legal will assist you in obtaining your medical records. 

Get Copies of Your Medical Records

You will need to obtain all test results, radiology reports,  doctors notes, nurses notes and all other reports from the hospital you attended at the time of the accident and any subsequent hospital or rehabilitation facility you have attended. You will also need to obtain all medical records maintained by your GP. Having access to these records will assist in progressing the preliminary stages of your case.

Can I recover compensation if I have suffered an Acquired brain injury?

It is possible to recover compensation; it will, however, depend on the manner in which the injury was inflicted.

For example, if the injury was a result of an assault, a victim can bring an action against the perpetrator and also seek compensation from the criminal justice compensation tribunal. Or if the injury was a result of a road traffic accident, there may be an option to bring a claim for personal injuries against the driver (of the other car or the car the victim was a passenger in). A solicitor will be able to advise as to the nature of the claim that can be brought. 


What compensation can I recover?

There are two types of damages recoverable; these are “general damages” and “special damages”. “General damages” are awarded in respect of injuries that have no exact financial value, and this includes physical or mental pain and suffering.

Special damages” are awarded in respect of injuries that can be quantified financially, and these include out-of-pocket expenses such as medical bills and loss of earnings.

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Acquired Brain Injury Services & Support Groups


Headway Ireland provides services and support for people affected by Acquired Brain Injury in Ireland. We aim to maximise potential and quality of life.


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We help rebuild lives after brain injury through neuro-rehabilitation. Our mission is to enable people with an acquired brain injury to live as independently as possible with choice, respect and the opportunity to contribute


How We Can Help ?

Our dedicated team has extensive experience in Catastrophic Brain Injury claims and we are ready to advise and assist you with a claim. We understand how deeply distressing and traumatic the consequences of brain injury and sometimes illnesses derived from the devastating injury can be.

If you have sustained an injury or contracted an illness due to a situation involving any catastrophic injury and have questions surrounding an incident, please contact our Catastrophic Injuries Claims Team today at Coleman Legal.

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