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Surgical Errors Claim Solicitors

Surgical errors can occur in many different ways. At Coleman Legal LLP, we have many years of experience in assisting our clients in obtaining the best possible results in their cases in relation to surgical errors.

Table of Contents

    Stages where surgical errors can occur?

    The following list is not exhaustive, and your specific case may not be listed below. We are here to listen and give you sound, qualified advice on your case, and our team of medical negligence solicitors understands that each person’s experience is different and to be treated with empathy and care throughout the entire legal process.

    Many of our clients who have suffered surgical errors experience months and sometimes years of physical and/or psychological discomfort or pain and are left, in some cases, with severe scarring and/or disfigurement due to medical malpractice.

    • Intraoperative Care
    • Wrong Site Surgery (where the incorrect item is removed or operated on)
    • Wrong Side Surgery (where the opposite organ is removed in error)
    • Foreign Objects Left in during Surgery
    • Preoperative Care (Marking Surgery Site, Anesthesia errors, etc.)
    • Postoperative Care
    • Multiple Phases of Care
    • Multiple Clinicians
    • Delay in Diagnosis

    System Factors

    • Inexperience
    • Lack of Technical Competence
    • Communication Breakdown

    Results of surgical errors medical malpractice

    • Scarring
    • Depression
    • Pain
    • Psychological Issues
    • Psychical limitations to movement
    • Loss of Earnings
    • Continuing Side Effects
    • Additional Surgical Procedures to correct errors
    • Significant or Major Injury
    • Death (in severe cases)

      The claim process

      1. Consult our medical negligence solicitor

      You should speak to an experienced team of Medical Negligence Solicitors as soon as possible if you believe that you were not provided with an adequate or appropriate level of medical care, resulting in you sustaining an injury or illness.

      2. We obtain your medical records

      After the consultation with your medical negligence solicitor, he/she will request access to your medical records and engage an independent medical expert to assess your records. The purpose of engaging an independent expert is to establish whether there was any negligence on the part of the medical professional.

      3. The medical negligence litigation process

      Where the independent medical expert is of the professional opinion that medical negligence did occur, upon your instructions, your solicitor will commence the process of issuing legal proceedings in Court against the medical professional and/or hospital.

      Statute of Limitation

      The legal time limit to make a medical negligence claim is two years from the date of injury or date of knowledge that the injury or illness resulted from medical negligence. For children/minors, the time limit expires two years after their 18th birthday. You may contact a solicitor to discuss your case to advise of the Statute of Limitations applicable to your case.

      Our team

      Coleman Legal LLP Team

      • Have you had a surgical procedure that did not turn out as it should?
      • Have you been left in pain, or do you continue to suffer from physical discomfort or physical scarring?
      • Have you been misdiagnosed or had a delayed diagnosis of cancer or another serious illness affecting your health?

      Any injury suffered during a medical procedure, whether it is physical or psychological, may have long-term effects on the victim and their families. Our medical negligence solicitors have assisted many clients in recovering maximum damages, and we believe in putting the needs of our clients first.

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