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Hospital Negligence Claim

Hospital negligence cases typically emerge because of the inability of a Doctor, Consultant or another health practitioner to satisfy a particular level of care that is expected by the medical profession while dealing with patients.

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    What is a hospital negligence claim?

    Hospital negligence occurs when a patient sustains a personal injury due to an error in a hospital. The hospital has a duty of care to the patient to provide the highest possible standard of treatment and ensure that all surgeries and assessments are carried out carefully and safely. Appropriate manner and where a diagnosis is involved should be accurate and correct.

    Hospital Negligence may occur in the Emergency Department (A&E), in the emergency room, at a specialist appointment referred by a doctor, or during treatment in the hospital. We understand that enduring a situation where hospital negligence has occurred can be deeply distressing for the patient as the patient may not know where to go to seek redress or in a more serious case, where the damage done is irreversible.

    Common types of hospital negligence

    Hospital Negligence occurs when a member of the hospital staff, medical professionals, and practitioners makes an incorrect decision or fails to diagnose an illness and treat it promptly. These are the common types of Hospital Negligence that can typically occur.

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of examples of Hospital Negligence were hospital staff, medical professionals, and practitioners:

    • Failed to administer and or carry out the treatment in a timely manner;
    • Administered incorrect treatment;
    • Made an error during a surgical procedure;
    • Carried out radical treatment that could be avoided where a more conservative treatment path was available;
    • Failed to monitor the fluid levels of the patient;
    • Allowed the patient to suffer hospital-acquired infections, pressure sores or other such injuries due to an unhygienic hospital environment or substandard system of patient care;
    • Failed to obtain informed consent from the patient prior to carrying out a surgery;
    • Failed to communicate and explain the known risks of a surgical procedure to the patient;
    • Provided substandard care around childbirth to either mother or child or both;
    • Failed to refer a patient to another specialist where it was necessary to do so;
    • Failed to prescribe and administer correct medication;
    • Inadequate follow-up care

    If you have questions surrounding an incident you have experienced that you believe may be a form of Hospital Negligence, don’t hesitate to contact our hospital negligence claim team to find out more.

    Causes of Hospital Negligence

    There can be several reasons why Hospital Negligence can occur. Some common causes may be:

    • Junior staff members and medical professionals/practitioners who may be less experienced;
    • The high level of stress that medical staff members are under in the hospital environment;
    • There is a lack of hospital resources to allow the medical staff members to do their jobs properly, safely, and to the highest standard of quality for the patient.

    Our team

    Coleman Legal LLP Team

    • Have you had a surgical procedure that did not turn out as it should?
    • Have you been left in pain, or do you continue to suffer from physical discomfort or physical scarring?
    • Have you been misdiagnosed or had a delayed diagnosis of cancer or another serious illness affecting your health?

    Any injury suffered during a medical procedure, whether physical or psychological, may have long-term effects on the victim and their families. Our medical negligence solicitors have assisted many clients in recovering maximum damages, and we believe in putting our clients’ needs first.

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