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We represent clients in various medical negligence & personal injury cases, including road accidents, workplace injuries, slip & fall injuries, and other serious injuries.

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We have diverse experience due to our involvement with high profile cases in Ireland which includes

CAMHS Misdiagnosis, Defective Block Scandal, Mother and Baby Homes Redress, Social Media Moderators, Scouting Ireland Sexual Abuse, Dolphin Trust Insolvency, Illegal Adoptions in Ireland, and many more.

Defective Blocks Scandal

The scandal involves defective blocks used in the construction of homes in Donegal, resulting in severe structural issues.

CAMHS Misdiagnosis

CAMHS Misdiagnosis refers to allegations that some children were misdiagnosed with mental health conditions.

Mother and Baby Homes

These institutions where unmarried women gave birth and had their babies taken. A Commission was established to investigate.