Baldonnel – Toxic Chemical Exposure Claims
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Mar 7, 2018


Baldonnel – Toxic Chemical Exposure Claims

As was recently reported in a online news article, a recent disclosure made to the Minister for Defence, has further highlighted the drastic effects and that have been experienced by individuals and their families as a result of exposure to chemicals in the Baldonnel Air Corps base in Dublin.

The disclosure, has alerted the media and wider public to a high volume of deaths, that may be linked to the poor health and safety measures in place over many years in the Air Corps.

The disclosure, was made by a number of soldiers who served in the Air Corps and have first-hand knowledge and experience about the failings by the defence forces, to protect staff against the unnecessary exposure to these chemicals.

As was reported by the Journal, a 2016 inspection by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) identified a number of shortcomings at Baldonnel with corrective actions then taken by the Defence Forces in relation to how it handles such chemicals.

As information about the link between the deaths, and the exposure to these chemicals has only recently come to light. Any claims arising out of the death of a loved one from many years ago, may still be within the time limits prescribed by the Statute of Limitations Acts.

The legal term under the act, is known as the date of ‘knowledge’. This provides for a 2-year time limit from when a claimant has the requisite knowledge. Coleman Legal Partners believe the 2-year time limit has not ran in these instances and we would encourage anyone who would like further information to contact us.

A link to the recent article is available here;

If you feel that either you, or your family member, has been affected by exposure to chemicals in the workplace, please contact Keith Rolls or Norman Spicer on 01-5313800.

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