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Broken Nose Claim

If you have suffered a broken nose due to an accident that was not your fault, we are here to assist you in seeking the compensation you deserve. Our team of experienced solicitors understands the complexities of broken nose claims and will guide you through the entire legal process.

Broken nose claim

broken nose claim Coleman Legal LLP

In Ireland, if you have suffered a broken nose injury due to an accident for which you were not at fault, you may be eligible to make a broken nose claim for compensation. The compensation amounts for broken nose claims are categorised based on the severity of the injury and the extent of its impact on your life. The information provided by the Personal Injuries Guidelines, which were adopted by The Judicial Council on March 6th, 2021, offers guidance on the compensation amounts for different types of broken nose injuries:

1. Severely broken nose

1.1 Serious or multiple fractures requiring several operations and/or resulting in permanent damage to airways, difficulty breathing, nerves, tear ducts, and facial deformity. Compensation range: €25,000-€50,000

2. Moderately broken nose

2.1 Displaced fracture that required surgery and complete recovery, taking into account the duration of symptoms like breathing difficulties. Compensation range: €10,000-€25,000

3. Minor broken nose

3.1 Displaced fracture requiring manipulation and resulting in full recovery within six months. Compensation range: €3,000-€5,000

4. Simple undisplaced fracture with full recovery

Compensation range: €500-€3,000. When making a broken nose claim, it is important to consider the impact the injury has had on your quality of life and ability to perform everyday tasks. Compensation should take into account any inconvenience or limitations you face, such as the inability to perform household chores, drive, attend social events, or participate in regular leisure activities.

Claim process

1. Contact our broken nose claim solicitor

Our team of experienced solicitors in Ireland is here to assist you with your claim. We understand that broken nose claims can be complex, and our solicitors will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

2. The PIAB Application

The first step in making a broken nose claim in Ireland is to make an application to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB). PIAB handles claims related to workplace injuries, road traffic accidents, serious injuries, and accidents in public places.

3. Submitting information and documents to PIAB

Your solicitor will gather all the necessary evidence, including medical reports and expert reports, and submit them to PIAB on your behalf.

4. Consent to assess the claim

Once the application is submitted, PIAB will send a formal notification of the claim to the defendant(s). The defendant(s) have 90 days to indicate whether or not they consent to the assessment of the claim. If the defendant consents, PIAB will proceed with the assessment. If they decline, an Authorisation will be granted to allow the claimant to bring court proceedings.

5. Claim assessment time

If PIAB is assessing the claim, it usually takes around 9 months for them to issue their assessment. This assessment reflects the general and special damages awarded in respect of your claim. If both parties accept the assessment, PIAB will issue an Order to Pay, which must be discharged by the defendant(s) within 10 days. A settlement cheque will then be issued to the claimant. If either party rejects the assessment, an Authorisation will be granted by PIAB to bring court proceedings. Our expert solicitors will then work with you to ensure that your case is heard in court and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Statute of Limitations

You have two years from the date of the accident within which to issue proceedings. If you are under 18, a separate set of rules apply, and we would recommend you contact our solicitors to discuss these. Learn more about the statute of limitation.

Our team

Our Personal Injury Solicitors

Our dedicated team has a collective experience of over 30 years, and we are ready to advise and assist you with your building site accident claim. Our team can guide you through the PIAB application and advise on the best course of action to take, to ensure you are awarded the fairest compensation for your individual case.

At Coleman Legal LLP, we understand our client’s circumstances. We understand that because you are reading this part of our website, you have likely been involved in an accident and perhaps have been injured. It’s at times like this that you need the support of an experienced firm that can assist you with the practical issues that now confront you as a result of the fault of another. For example, you may need to understand your Social Welfare entitlements should you be out of work. Also, it’s important for you to know that your legal advisers will obtain all of the important Reports that may be required to ensure that you get the best outcome in your case.

We provide a national service and can meet you locally to ensure that you have a voice and access to the best advice and resources that may be needed in your particular case. Our service is about you, the client and we speak plain English with no unnecessary legal jargon. Our teams have dealt with thousands of claims over many years and pride ourselves in our respectful and concerned approach to all of our clients.

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