Chef settles claim over gas oven explosion
Nov 21, 2016

A €60,000 damages claim for an undisclosed figure has been settled in the Circuit Civil Court for a chef who suffered burns to his face when a gas oven exploded in the restaurant he was working in in Dublin.

The plaintiff suffered flash burns to his neck, face, lips, ears, the inside of his nose and his hair and eyebrows when the accident happened in August 2013. He had been trying to light the oven with a spark lighter when the explosion occurred. A plate window was also cracked by the blast.

He had been directed by the restaurant chef to light then oven and he attempted to do so by clicking on the spark lighter several times.

The loud explosion caused the plaintiff to be thrown backwards, knocking him unconscious briefly. Initially cream was applied to his face and he was subsequently taken to hospital to receive further treatment. It was several months before he was able to return to work, but not in the same restaurant.

The court was told by a forensic engineer who was giving evidence that the original oven had been decommissioned and disposed of, but he did examine a similar oven on the premises. He believed that gas may have been accumulated low down in the oven, due to lack of ignition, and when the lighted was clicked several times, it led to the explosion taking place.

Following an adjournment, the judge told the court that the case has been settled and could be struck out with an order for the plaintiff’s costs.


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