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Defective Blocks Newsletter
Coleman Legal LLP
June 23, 2023
Coleman Legal LLP seeks client support for a formal complaint to the European Commission against the Irish State, addressing the oversight failures in construction product manufacturing.

Defective Blocks newsletter: complaint to the European Commission

Dear Client,

As set out in our latest defective blocks newsletter, we will contact you shortly with a general update on the advancement of the Group Litigation, which is progressing rapidly through the Commercial Court. In the meantime, separate from the litigation but very much relevant to it, we are in the process of preparing a formal complaint to the European Commission against the Irish State.

This will be quite technical in nature and based on the state’s failure to implement certain measures, which would have meant that the manufacture of construction products in Ireland was subject to oversight by State Bodies.

As part of the Complaint procedure, we are required to provide the names of individuals who have been affected by the failures on the part of the Irish State, which led to the supply of defective blocks and construction products. We are writing to you because, as we have always said, ní neart go cur le chéile.

There is certainly strength in unity here, and we would like to allow you to sign the Complaint Application.

If you would like to be involved, we have attached a link to a short online form for you to complete with your name and contact details. We appreciate that you have provided this detail in the context of the Group Litigation, but we would be grateful if you could provide it again separately for this complaint.

Finally, there is a box for you to tick consenting to your details being used for the complaint and being disclosed to the authority being complained of, i.e. the relevant Irish State authorities. We are sending this same form to over 2,000 of our clients and hoping that many hundreds of you will join together to support the Complaint.

This is not limited to participants in the litigation so if you would like to share the link with friends and family who would like to sign up, please feel free to do so. We would very much appreciate your cooperation and unity on this matter.

Complaint to the European Commission – Online Consent Form: Link

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