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Multi-Party Action

Our legal team at Coleman Legal has diverse experience due to their involvement with high-profile cases in Ireland which includes Mother & Baby Homes, Defective Block Scandal in Ireland, Psychiatric Illness & Misdiagnosis Claim (CAMHS), and many more.

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FAQs Multi-Party Action

What is a Multi-Party Action?

Multi-Party Action Solicitors Coleman legal LLP

A multi-party action (sometimes referred to as a Multi-Party Litigation, is a court case brought by individuals who have a common cause of Action due to an event or circumstance that have occurred which has an effect on more than one person. The event ought to have caused injury, loss or damage.

Your individual rights are protected, as if you brought the Action personally. The benefit to you of being part of a Class Action is that you are part of a larger group and can benefit from a larger body of information and evidence. You can also benefit from the sharing of expert evidence in other cases.

It is a far cheaper method of vindicating your rights.

How do I join a multi-party action?

If your circumstances are generally the same as the participants in the Class Action then simply send in your details to us and we will contact you with any queries we have on your particular circumstances. Should all be in order, we will ask you to consent to your information being forwarded to the solicitor handling the case. You will then be contacted by the solicitor and your case will be adopted with the main group of cases.

If you are aware of others with the same or similar issue please ask them to contact us.

Are all members of the class same?

In most cases, the effects of a common problem are felt differently by each individual. All parties to a Class Action will be dealt with on an individual basis while, at the same time, benefiting from the strength and security of a larger number of participants in the Action.

Who will explain my rights to me?

if you wish to join a Class Action, your solicitor will explain your rights to you. He/she will also explain what is involved in the case.  Based on the progress of the case and the available information you solicitor will keep you updated on events as they occur.

What costs are involved?

Naturally, cases requiring expert evidence can be complicated and time consuming. The costs of participating in the case will vary from case to case. A general rule of thumb is that the greater the number of participants, the less cost of entry to the Class Action to each individual. As some Class Actions are more complex than others the amount of expert evidence required to win it will vary. This may affect the individual contribution required. The general policy is to make your case affordable to you. In certain circumstances, your solicitor will accept small stage payments at no extra charge.

What happens if we win?

When a case is won by the legal team, the usual event is that compensation is paid out to the successful party.  In a Class Action the case is usually decided by a lead case or cases. The other cases in the Class Action follow the result.  Thus, on the successful conclusion of your case, you will receive the amount that you are entitled to on the completion of the case.  Your solicitor will explain this to you in detail.

What happens if the case is settled without going to court?

Many cases are settled between the parties without going to Court. There can be many reasons for this. There may be risks in the case for all parties and a good settlement may be a prudent decision to make. Even though you are part of a Class Action you have the right to make the decision in your own case. Your solicitor will advise you on the reasons why a settlement is being recommended. The onus is on all parties to be reasonable. In the event that you decide not to partake in a settlement your solicitor will advise you on your rights going forward.

Sometimes a settlement reached with a Class Action may include legal costs.  if this is likely to occur you will be advised well in advance and the nett amount due to you will have been agreed.

What happnes if the case is lost?

In deciding whether or not to bring a case, all eventualities have to be considered. When you are part of a Class Action the impact of a loss is more limited than if you took the Action yourself. The reasons for this are:

(a) the Lead Case: If you are not a party to the lead case(s), your own case will be following the lead case.  Although you are participating you are also awaiting the outcome of the lead case. A general rule is that the cost effects for members of the Class Action are minimal, if any, if a lead case is lost.

(b) Should it become apparent that the lead case cannot be won, the solicitor in charge of the Action may be able to negotiate a settlement that will involve no liability by any party to costs. Good communication with the opposing solicitor can make the case cheaper for everybody.

Will I need to attend court personally?

In all Class Actions there are cases that will go forward in order to decide all the issues relevant to the Class Action.  if you are lead plaintiff in the Action you may be required to give evidence before the Court if the case proceeds to hearing, and is not settled. Most cases before the Courts are settled and thus the chances of giving evidence are small.

If you are not the lead case and should the facts of your personal situation emphasise more clearly than average the wrongs committed by others to the Class Action, then you may be requested to give a statement of evidence in corroboration of the main Action. This will greatly assist you and the other participants in the Class to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.

It is important that all members of the Class Action work together to increase the strength of the case and show the defendants that the case will be fully fought, if necessary, in order to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. Access to the Courts is difficult because legal costs are often prohibitive.  One of the benefits of joining a Class Action is that the cost of the case is divided amongst a large group.  The issue to be decided now becomes affordable and allows access to the best legal and expert advice.  A case will not be taken on by a solicitor unless there is a complete understanding of the cost of resources required to bring the matter to a conclusion.  The normal Law Society of Ireland guidelines on costs will be adhered to by your solicitor at all times.

What happens if I do not wish to join the class actiom?

There is no obligation to join a Class Action.  As an individual you have the right to bring your Action before the Courts.  you can consult your solicitor who can advise you on how best to proceed,.

Should a settlement of the Class Action be made and if you have decided not to be part of a Class Action, there is no guarantee that you will receive anything.  This is especially true where a settlement is made without admission of liability.

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