Girl injured at Dublin GAA match awarded €30,000

Dec 2, 2014

Luke TimminsGirl injured at Dublin GAA match awarded €30,000

A 17-year-old student, who injured her right leg on metal railings while attending a GAA football match, has been awarded €30,000 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

The student had gone to return a ball that had been kicked out of play when she fell over disused railings which had been left protruding in the environs of the football pitch.

Judge Pauline Codd was informed that the student fell on the railings, lacerating her right thigh.

The court heard the student was taken to a hospital in Dublin, where her wound was sutured. The Court heard the injury needed to be stitched again some weeks later.

The Court heard the wound had healed a number of weeks later but it had left a visible permanent one-inch long scar.

The Plaintiff sued Dublin City Council, through her mother, for negligence.

The judge was told a settlement offer of €30,000 had been made.

Judge Codd, approved the offer.

– Luke Timmins

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