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How to make a claim for Foster Care Abuse

If you are a survivor of abuse in a foster care situation, be it physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or any form of neglect and you wish to explore your legal rights, then our team of experienced sexual abuse solicitors may be able to help you vindicate your rights.

Foster Care Abuse Solicitors in Ireland

If you are a survivor of abuse in a foster care situation, be it physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or any form of neglect, and you wish to explore your legal rights.

Our team of experienced sexual abuse solicitors may be able to help you vindicate your rights. Our team of foster care abuse solicitors has many years of experience dealing with victims of all forms of abuse, including institutional abuse, abuse within a foster home, clerical abuse, childhood sexual abuse, and abuse within the family or in any other situation where abuse may have occurred.

Our solicitors have many years experience in the area of child abuse actions and can guide you through the entire legal process, should you wish to proceed, and put you in touch with various organisations that are there to help. We understand that any form of abuse is extremely distressing for the victim and their family, and we deal with each case in a personal, one-to-one basis, with compassion and understanding.

Making a claim for Foster Care Abuse

Generally, the steps in relation to an abuse query are as follows

  • You can either outline the circumstances of the abuse to a solicitor by means of a personal consultation or email a statement to [email protected].
  • Your solicitor will then discuss the circumstances of your case and advise you in relation to the strengths and the weaknesses of your case and also in particular, consider the Statute of Limitations. Please note that the Statute of Limitations is normally two years from when a child reaches the age of majority, namely 18 years of age. However, the Statute of Limitations Amendment Act 2001 provides for special extensions of time in a situation where a victim has suffered a disability as a result of sexual abuse.  Your solicitor will be able to discuss this with you and verify whether the Statute of Limitations will be an issue in your case.
  • The next step in a case such as this will usually be that your solicitor will arrange an assessment by a psychiatrist who will determine the effect the abuse has had on the particular victim, both historically and to date. The assessment will take into account the severity of the abuse, the circumstances of the abuse, the sequelae of the abuse and also a consideration of the loss of opportunity a victim of abuse has suffered from.
  • Once a report has been obtained in the individual’s case, it will be necessary for your solicitor to submit your claim to the Injuries Board and seek an admission of liability from the parties responsible for your care during the time of your abuse. The Injuries Board tends not to deal with matters in relation to psychological injury, therefore, it is likely that the proceedings will be issued in the Courts directly.
  • Your solicitor will then take you through the process as required and advise you as to the path that your case might follow, whether it be a full hearing or perhaps an early compromise. Once the relevant documentation has been exchanged in your case, your solicitor will also be able to advise you as to likely value of your case and the hurdles that you may face as well as the strengths that will allow you vindicate your rights.

Please note that your solicitor will be there to support you through the entire legal process and is also happy to liaise with any organisations such in One in Four, The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, CARI or any other support networks that exists in order to make this journey for you as easy as possible.

Our team

At Coleman Legal LLP, we understand a person’s difficulties in discussing abuse, and we appreciate the fear and anxiety they may have in making a claim. We assure you that we deal with every victim with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality and pursue each case with urgency and professionalism.

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