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Legal action to commence against Tony Blair
Coleman Legal LLP
Jul 21, 2016

Legal action to commence against Tony Blair

A crowdfunding campaign has resulted in legal action being taken against Tony Blair.

The legal action is to commence against the former Prime Minister and has been initiated by the Iraq War Families Campaigns Group, which represents the families of the 179 servicemen and women that were killed in conflict.

The action is led by Reg Keys and Roger Bacon, whose sons were killed in the Iraq War. They campaigned tirelessly to try to find answers as to what went wrong – both operationally and politically.

The Chilcot report which was published on 6th July confirmed that there had been a catalogue of mistakes and wrongdoing. However, that inquiry was not in a Court of Law and Justice is still being sought.

Reg Keys commented:

“The public support the families have received over the years has been unstinting. With the report’s publication, we now have the evidence that may mean individuals could now face trial. We hope and trust the British people will take this unique opportunity to help us determine what legal actions can be taken and support the campaign to get justice for our loved ones and our country.”

Plans are also being put in place for a cross-party group of MP’s to put a resolution to Parliament, holding Tony Blair in contempt of Parliament for his conduct in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

Taxpayers will be obliged to pay all Tony Blair’s legal bills if he is sued by the families of soldiers killed in Iraq. The former Prime Minister is covered for all court costs- including possible multi-million pound damages – related to the allegations that he abused power to take the country to war.

Mr Blair faces being sued for misfeasance in public office in the wake of the publication of The Chilcot Report. The Cabinet Manual, which is the the governmental operational rule book, states that ministers and former ministers are ‘indemnified by the Crown for any actions taken against them for things done or decisions made in the course of their ministerial duties.’

Within a day of launching their crowd-funding page for Iraq Families Campaigns group reached its target of £50,000.

About thirty families of are understood to be backing the legal action and will use the funding to pay for a legal team from the law firm McCue and Partners for a ‘full and forensic’ analysis of the Chilcot Report.

The fundraising website states:

“Those responsible should be held to account. Now it is down to us, the families, to ensure that justice is done. Not only for the sake of our children, siblings, parents and spouses, whose lives we can never get back, but to deter our state officials from ever again abusing their positions with such tragic and far-reaching consequences.”


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