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Louise O’Keeffe; steadfast in seeking justice for others with a similar injustice in schools in Ireland, winning campaigner of victim rights, Louise awarded, “Spirit of Mother Jones”. This award acknowledges those fighting justice and fundamental human rights in society.
Her continuous drive of focusing on the rights of learners in primary schools across Ireland; has made her name become a popular household name for years.

The Supreme court & European court aims to secure the abused in schools and protect those from sexual abuse.

She mentioned that she was “absolutely thrilled” when receiving this award, as the award named after Mother Jones; who was well-known in the US as part of the worker’s rights campaign.

“Mother Jones” born as Mary Harris; was born in Cork in 1837. She then emigrated to the US, where she started her family. Having faced the death of her family encouraged her to get involved in the fundamental rights of workers and children across the US. Her beliefs and strength with her commitment made people see her as “the most dangerous women in America.”

The award has been won over several years by many others to date. However; James Nolan (official for the Spirit of Mother Jones) mentioned that Louise is highly deserving of this award also adding what extraordinary woman she is.

As a result of her actions; she revealed the failure of Irish authorities and courts. They’ve now ensured children would be protected from sexual abuse in Irish schools.

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