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Mother awarded over half a million pounds in damages following traumatic childbirth
Coleman Legal LLP
May 13, 2024
Mother awarded £575,000 after childbirth injuries left her with a permanent stoma and PTSD. Maternity negligence claims highlight systemic issues in England's healthcare

Mother wins £575,000 compensation for childbirth injuries

Following a five-year legal battle, Amy Stead, a mother from Wrexham, has been awarded over £575,000 in compensation for injuries sustained during childbirth. After enduring an almost three-year journey of trying to conceive, Ms Stead was left with lifelong injuries following labour.

She believes that the medical staff would not have missed the severe tear that she suffered had they not been so rushed. As a result, Ms Stead has been left with a stoma permanently. Ms Stead expressed that had her obstetrician taken the time to inspect her more thoroughly, the injury could have been caught early and operated on immediately, limiting any lasting effects.

Not only did Ms Stead have to endure the physical effects of her injuries, but she also suffered from PTSD in the aftermath, expressing that her injuries overshadowed the joy of welcoming her first child. Ms Stead’s decision to pursue legal action was a tough one as she was employed by the same hospital.

According to 2022/2023 statistics for England, 13% of clinical negligence claims are attributed to maternity care, the highest of any hospital department. Payments in maternity negligence claims cost the NHS £1.1 billion last year, a shocking figure considering the budget for maternity services is £3 billion. Damages in such cases tend to be substantial due to the severe psychological and physical consequences.

The Birth Trauma Association blames underfunding and staffing shortages, which lead to an unsupported and compassion-fatigued workforce. They are campaigning for ground-up investment in the sector to improve standards. The Department of Health and Social Care states that it is committed to improving maternity services and has prioritised it in its Women’s Health Strategy 2024.

Despite the relief of the litigation being over, Ms Stead has expressed that no amount of compensation can cure her trauma. She hopes that sharing her experience will comfort other mothers who have also suffered trauma in childbirth.

If you or a loved one have experienced childbirth injuries or medical negligence, contact Coleman Legal LLP for confidential support at 1800-844-104 or email us at [email protected]

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