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North Kerry CAMHS Audit
Coleman Legal LLP
November 25, 2022
The North Kerry CAMHS Audit - The HSE is due to publish the finding of the ‘50 file review’ of North Kerry CAMHS patients files.

The HSE is due to publish the findings of the ‘50 file review’ of North Kerry CAMHS patients files.

North Kerry CAMHS Audit

The review began in June ’22 and was due to completed in October ‘22.

However, due to undisclosed circumstances, the review is expected to released by the end of November ’22.

Coleman Legal, through their Tralee office, have recently been contacted by North Kerry families regarding urgent communications from CAMHS.

Considering what has transpired in South Kerry, families throughout North Kerry are extremely apprehensive regarding the recent CAMHS communication.

Keith rolls on North Kerry CAMHS Audit

Coleman Legal are currently instructed by over 70 families from North Kerry regarding treatment their loved ones have received.  

A very distinct & similar pattern has emerged in all the treatment received both by patients in South and North Kerry.

The following deficits in care were documented throughout South Kerry, and have also occurred in North Kerry.

  • Inadequate assessment to ensure a comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Pharmacological intervention without a clear rationale.
  • Polypharmacy
  • Inadequate baseline monitoring.
  • Inadequate monitoring throughout the care.
  • Case lost to follow up.
  • Inappropriate prescribing of medication without any justification or rationale for same.
  • Insufficient talk therapy treatment.
  • Missing medical records.

It is quite clear from the significant number of instructions, taken from families in North Kerry, that similar deficits in care have arisen in the care that children & young adolescents have received throughout North Kerry.

Coleman Legal have previously called for the geographical scope of the South Kerry Review & Compensation Scheme to be expanded & include North Kerry.

However, unfortunately, our proposals were rejected and the HSE confirmed that they were satisfied with the scope and would not be widening same.

Considering the information our office is in receipt of and the significant increase in contact from concerned North Kerry families, we expect that the random review will raise serious concerns for the HSE.
We expect that the HSE will commence a 15-year review of all North Kerry files.

We also expect, considering the similar HSE personnel involved in South & North Kerry, the HSE may also have to consider the timelines of the South Kerry review.

It is quite clear, from the instructions received by our offices, that the doctor who was treating the South Kerry patients is not solely responsible for the issues that arose in South Kerry.

It is extremely worrying that the particular doctor involved in all South Kerry files, had no contact with North Kerry families and similar shortcomings in care have arisen.

CAMHS Compensation Scheme

Coleman Legal have an experienced team in Tralee.

We fully expect that several families will receive concerning HSE correspondence in the coming days & weeks, that invites them in for a reassessment, or offers an apology in relation to previous treatment received .

Ultimately, when the review is completed and the findings are published, we expect that a significant look back review will be commenced in North Kerry.

Please feel free to contact our office if you have any concerns regarding the care you or your family has received while attending Kerry CAMHS.

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