Vaginal mesh lawsuits lost by Johnson & Johnson
Nov 25, 2019

A landmark lawsuit has been won by 1,350 Australian women against Johnson & Johnson relating to vaginal mesh implants.

According to Australia’s Federal Court, it appears that there had been a shortfall in the amount of  information  given to surgeons and patients about the risks of this procedure. The vaginal mesh product is usually utilized to treat females pelvic organs and incontinence after childbirth. However it has now transpired that  of J&J’s products, this has been one of the largest cases which they have to face. 

Patients who have spoken up  in relation to  the  mesh procedure have outlined  that the impact of the vaginal mesh has included symptoms such as chronic pain, bleeding and severe discomfort during sexual intercourse. 

Judge Anna Katzmann stated that the information which had been provided regarding the product had been inaccurate and had made “false representations”. She also said; the results were known, however, they never appeared to be of importance according to Ethicon’s admission. 

“Ethicon believes that the company acted ethically and responsibly in the research, development, and supply of these products,” the company said.

Julie Davis mentioned to a reporter outside Sydney’s court, that women were treated as guinea pigs, they’ve been lied to regarding it and haven’t done anything to assist. A year ago an apology had been made by the Australian Government to all women who had been affected by the vaginal mesh, recognizing the individual’s agony and pain that they’ve been put through. 

J&J is now facing lawsuits amounting to billions of dollars in legal claims regarding the products; the company had agreed in paying an amount of $117m (£90.5m) to resolve the claims in 41 US states, and the District of Columbia for pelvic mesh in October. A separate lawsuit is in place for the product in Canada and Europe and others who claim that the product had caused cancer.

Regardless of the lawsuits, the most recent result of the company’s quarterly sales had amounted to $20.7billion and had increased by 1.9% in 2018 over the same quarter. 

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