Defective Block Multiparty Action in The High Court
Mar 14, 2023
Defective Block Four Courts Dublin

Coleman Legal LLP’s Defective Block Team were in the Commercial Court (a division of the High Court) this morning, the 13th of March 2023, where the first named defendants, Cassidy Brothers Concrete Products Ltd, agreed to inspection and sampling at their quarry in Co. Donegal.

Our firm is representing over 1700 homeowners who have been affected by the defective blocks scandal in Donegal over the past two decades.

We have issued proceedings in the High Court on behalf of many clients, in order to recover losses incurred due to both physical damage to their properties and also the emotional distress and anxiety caused by such damage to their homes.

Please find the recent interview of Dave Coleman (managing partner Coleman Legal LLP) by Ann Owens (Homeowner and Campaigner), in which they discuss the latest updates on the High Court legal cases for defective blocks.

Central to these cases is the claim that Cassidy Brothers Concrete Products Ltd. sold building materials, namely concrete and blocks, that did not meet the standards for safe construction.

These blocks and ready-mixed concrete were therefore not fit for purpose.

High Court proceedings have been issued against Cassidy Brothers Concrete Products Ltd, Donegal County Council and the National Standards Authority of Ireland. 

The cases against the second and third defendants relate to the fact that both organisations are considered to be the relevant market surveillance authorities in relation to local construction products, and as such authorities, they failed to perform appropriate checks on the product and to remove the defective products from circulation.

The inspection of the quarry in Co. Donegal, which was agreed to in Court today, is due to be carried out by a team of experts in geology and concrete over the next few months.

The matter is due back in court on October 16th 2023.

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