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HSE reviewing the files of patients treated by a doctor in North Kerry CAMHS
Coleman Legal LLP
September 20, 2022
HSE has commenced a review of the files of young patients treated by a junior doctor in North Kerry CAMHS. 

It has been confirmed that the HSE has commenced a review of the files of young patients treated by a junior doctor in CAMHS North Kerry.

The review focuses on the five years leading up to April 2021. The review will be headed up by Dr Sean Maskey, a UK-based consultant psychiatrist. This follows a previous review by Dr. Maskey into the South Kerry CAMHS.

That review also focused on the work carried out by the same junior doctor. The files of 1300 children in South Kerry were reviewed, culminating in the publishing of Dr. Maskey’s report in January 2022.

The report found that 46 children treated by the junior doctor had suffered significant harm, and 181 more had been exposed to a risk of significant harm. Misdiagnosis and the inappropriate prescribing of medication occurred in many cases.

The junior doctor at the centre of the South Kerry CAMHS review also worked in CAMHS in North Kerry during the same five-year period. There have been calls for an extension of the review into the North Kerry area since the publishing of Dr Maskey’s report in January 2022, where it was known that the junior doctor was also working.

In April 2022, a State Compensation Scheme was established to compensate those who had suffered harm whilst in the care of CAMHS South Kerry, as had been identified as affected by the Maskey Report.

Coleman Legal LLP is currently acting on behalf of many families affected by the CAMHS scandal in South and North Kerry who have been invited to participate in the Compensation Scheme. Our offices are also instructed by up to 50 North Kerry families who attended North Kerry CAMHS but are not part of the Scheme.

These particular North Kerry patients, who will be issuing High Court Medical Negligence proceedings, were not treated by the Junior Doctor responsible for the issues that arose in South Kerry. We are available to speak to the parents of the affected children and patients who are now 18 years of age or older that may have been impacted by the misdiagnosis on the part of this HSE employee. Free phone: 1800844104 or email: [email protected]

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