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Moderators to take Facebook to court for ‘psychological trauma’
Coleman Legal LLP
Oct 21, 2019

A number of former content moderators have been given the right of way by the personal injuries board to proceed with the Facebook case in the high court; 6 former moderators have claimed for personal injuries due to the content which they have been exposed to while employed by CLP in Dublin. 

Diane Treanor, solicitor at Coleman Legal Partners and representer of the moderators said that the authorization has been given to commence with the proceedings against Facebook.

Section 17 of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003 stipulates; should the injury of the plaintiff be psychological it might be complicated for the board, which may result in the court permitting the claim to proceed. 

The victims have attended at the Bons Secours hospital where they underwent medico-legal evaluation, as they claim that the disturbing graphic content has injured them resulting in psychological trauma; due to the poor working conditions. 

Chris Gray, former content moderator has advised that the job required him to analyse scenes of Islamic State executions, murders, beatings, child exploitation and the torture of animals as part of his role. Chris went on to say that due to the explicit content, this contributed to a substantial amount of stress. 

There are several decisions and grades which one has to take into consideration when analysing content and the slightest mistake contributes to your overall quality score, this may lead to your dismissal at the company. 

A lawsuit has been processed in California by 3 content moderators against Facebook as they had suffered from PSD; due to the high volumes of inhumane content viewing. This resulted in Facebook violating the law of California as they failed to provide workers with a safe working environment. 

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