Ryanair air hostess awarded €30,000 following fall down plane stairs
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Jul 12, 2018

Laura Albacete, a ryanair cabin crew has been awarded by the Circuit Civil court €30.000 in compensation after personal injury.


Laura a 28 year old woman from Spain suffered from physical and emotional distress due to her fall of a Ryanair Boeing aircraft.


The court heard that Laura in the morning of the 11th of February 2012, had fallen from top to bottom and had struck her head and had been knocked unconscious for a short period.

She was transported to Cork university hospital after the accident, where she was then examined by the emergency department and found to have suffered a head injury and sprained ankle.


Laura came to Ireland looking to enhance her English language command working as an Au pair with a family in Cork city, since it was necessary for her to pursue her dream as an air-hostess.

Judge Francis Comerford heard she had also sustained a possible post-traumatic optic neuropathy. The court ruling was in favor to the plaintiff due to wet and slippery conditions of the stairs, this was confirmed by a number of Ryanair staff, including the flight captain.


The judge accepted the fact that the airplane was in good and proper conditions to operate and that there was no negligence from the airline company to use it at the time. Ryanair had no knowledge of these wet and slippery conditions prior to the accident.


He also said that she had at least suffered amnesia immediately following the accident and according to her evidence and medical reports, Laura still suffered from headaches at least once a month six years after the accident.

Laura said that following her treatment she decided to fly home to Spain to recover and Ryanair insisted on her paying for the airfares.


“We have instructed our lawyers to immediately appeal this decision”


– Ryanair said in a statement after the decision.


For the pain and suffering, also for the disruption of her lifestyle he awarded Laura with €21.000 with an extra €9.000 for difficulties she had experienced for a short time with her eyes following the fall.

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