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Multi-Party Action

Our legal team at Coleman Legal has diverse experience due to their involvement with high-profile cases in Ireland which includes Mother & Baby Homes, Defective Block in Ireland, Psychiatric Illness & Misdiagnosis Claim (CAMHS), and many more.

What is a Multi-Party Action?

Multi-Party Action Coleman Legal LLP

The increase of multi-party Litigation cases in Ireland

In recent times, the number and types of multi-party litigation cases in Ireland have significantly increased. These cases include claims related to mother and baby homes, defective block scandals, CAMHS misdiagnosis, and content moderation. However, individuals may find it daunting to pursue legal action against a large business due to the significant financial risk involved.

A viable alternative is for potential litigants to come together and pool their resources, including evidence and financial risk, to form a group represented by a single firm of solicitors who can take legal action as a collective. Such legal action is known as “class action,” “multi-party action,” “representative action,” or “group litigation.”

Advantages of pursuing group Litigation

Pursuing group litigation can help potential litigants share the financial burden of legal fees, which can be prohibitively high for an individual. Additionally, a collective approach can lead to a more satisfactory outcome than individual action, which is more likely to be settled early in the proceedings with an offer of payment of damages.

Important considerations for pursuing group Litigation in Ireland

It is vital to note that the legal framework for group litigation in Ireland is still evolving. Therefore, it is essential to seek professional legal advice before pursuing this legal action. Nevertheless, group litigation can be a powerful tool for those seeking to hold large businesses accountable for wrongdoing, especially when individual efforts are unfeasible or ineffective.

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Our proven track record

With a wealth of experience advocating for clients in multi-party action cases throughout Ireland, Coleman Legal LLP is well-versed in the complexities of legal proceedings. The firm has a particular focus on high-profile cases, including those involving the Defective Blocks in Donegal, Mother and Baby Homes, and CAMHS misdiagnosis in South Kerry.

Mother and Baby Homes Redress

The Mother and Baby Homes refer to a series of institutions where unmarried women were sent to give birth and often had their babies taken from them. A Commission of Investigation was set up to examine these institutions.

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CAMHS Misdiagnosis

CAMHS Misdiagnosis (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) in South Kerry refers to allegations that some children were misdiagnosed with mental health conditions and given unnecessary medication.

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Defective Blocks

The scandal involves defective blocks used in the construction of homes in Donegal, resulting in severe structural issues.

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Illegal Adoptions in Ireland
Illegal adoptions in Ireland refer to the systemic and widespread practice of removing babies from their biological mothers and placing them for adoption without proper legal procedures in place. These adoptions were often facilitated by religious institutions, which controlled mother-and-baby homes, and have caused significant emotional trauma for many individuals affected by these practices.

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Dolphin Trust Insolvency

The Dolphin Trust insolvency case in Ireland involves the collapse of a German property investment firm, Dolphin Trust GmbH (formerly known as German Property Group). The company attracted investors from Ireland and other countries by offering high returns on investments in the renovation and resale of historic properties in Germany.

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Social Media Moderators in Ireland

Social media moderators in Ireland have reported experiencing PTSD symptoms due to their work. Moderators are responsible for reviewing potentially harmful and disturbing content on social media platforms, which can have a detrimental effect on their mental health.

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Larium Mefloquine Side Effects

The Larium Mefloquine case in the Irish army involves allegations that the drug, which was prescribed to soldiers as an anti-malarial medication, caused long-lasting and debilitating side effects. Some soldiers who took the drug have reported experiencing symptoms such as nightmares, anxiety, and depression, which have persisted even after they stopped taking the medication.

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Depuy Hip Implant Recall

The Depuy Hip Implant Recall in Ireland involves a recall of the ASR XL Acetabular Hip System and ASR Hip Resurfacing System, manufactured by medical device company Depuy.

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Historical Abuse in Ireland

Historical abuse cases in Ireland refer to allegations of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse that occurred in institutions such as industrial schools, orphanages, and mother and baby homes. These cases have led to several government-led inquiries, redress schemes, and criminal investigations.

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Institutional Abuse in Ireland

Institutional abuse of elders in Ireland refers to the mistreatment of older people in residential care settings, such as nursing homes or hospitals, by those responsible for their care. The abuse can be physical, emotional, or financial, and may include neglect and exploitation.

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Military Abuse in Ireland

Military abuse cases in Ireland involve allegations of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse by members of the Irish military. The allegations date back several decades, and victims have reported experiencing trauma and long-lasting effects from the abuse.

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Vaginal Mesh Implant

The Vaginal Mesh Implant scandal in Ireland involves allegations that the use of vaginal mesh implants to treat pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence caused serious and long-lasting side effects, including chronic pain, incontinence, and nerve damage.

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Other areas of work include

The ‘Test case’

In Ireland, the preferred approach to multi-party actions is the ‘test case’.

Where several separate claims arising out of the same circumstances are pending against a defendant or defendants, the first case to be litigated becomes the benchmark by which the remaining cases are resolved, this is referred to as the ‘test case’.

The ‘test case’ is representative and allows a judge to hear the case of a single claimant which is effectively a generic case representing all of the other potential claimants in the same class. The effect of this is to save the courts considerable time as a Judge does not have to hear scores of individual cases.

To be valid as a class action or a multiparty action the claimants must take legal action together based on the same or a similar event causing similar injuries against the same potential defendant.

Our team

Multi-Party Action Team Coleman Legal LLP

Coleman Legal LLP is a law firm that specialises in multi-party actions. Our team of experienced solicitors has extensive expertise in representing groups of individuals who have been similarly affected by a legal issue, such as medical negligence, personal injury, or environmental damage. We offer comprehensive legal advice, court representation, and negotiation of settlements to ensure that our clients receive fair and just outcomes.

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