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Investment Dispute Litigation

Our Investment Dispute Solicitors act for investors who have suffered substantial losses as a result of negligent investment advice or who have lost money as a result of the way in which an investment opportunity was structured, either by a broker, intermediary or financial institution. Many of these actions are as a result of ‘geared’ investments wherein investors borrowed to invest. When the investment failed, not only were investors left with the loss of their investment, but also with having to discharge significant sums in interest to the financial institutions from whom they borrowed.

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We are acting for investors against financial advisors Financial Engineering Network (FEN). Our clients allege that a number of financial products, mostly funds and bonds, were mis-sold to them by FEN over a number of years. Our clients’ cases are that these investments, recommended by FEN, were highly complex, very high risk products that were totally unsuitable for most private investors. In most cases, our clients lost 100% of the money that they invested, often with a devastating effect on the financial health of the investor.

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