Diarmuid O’Connor settled his injury compensation settlement claim for €55,000 at the High Court after he cut his knee on a tree stump when he attended a mid-term camp.

Presiding Judge, Mr. Justice Garrett Simons was informed that the boy was 10-years-old at the time of the incident and resides at an address in Ashton Avenue, Knocklyon, Dublin. Diarmuid and his campmates, during their break time, wandered off into a bushy area at their mid-term art camp on February 19, 2016, where Diarmuid fell on a tree stump and injured his knee. His campmates that were with him at the time informed the camp supervisors who soon after arrived at the scene of the accident. Emergency services were called, and Diarmuid’s classmates were taken away from the scene.
Jacinta O’Connor, Diarmuid’s mother, sought legal action on behalf of her son against the management of the camp, trading as Artzone Ltd, who conducted the art camps at Taney Parish Hall, Dundrum, Dublin.

Mr. Justice Garrett Simons mentioned the boy has been left with a bad wound causing increased levels of self-consciousness, particularly during warmer summer months where he and his friends would wear shorts.

In approving the settlement for the injury compensation, Justice Simons said he felt the agreed settlement was good. He mentioned that there could have been several issues to address concerning supervision and how the boy and a group of his friends were able to wander off without any supervision should the trial have gone to a full setting.

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