Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Gender Pay Gap

The latest figures from the EU Commission show that the Gender Pay Gap in Ireland is 13.9% – in other words, women in Ireland are paid almost 14% less than men.

Europeans were asked about the most important aspects which an employer takes into account when recruiting a man or a woman. It is interesting to note that the criteria highlighted differ radically depending on whether the recruitment concerns a man or a woman.

  • The three most frequently mentioned criteria in the case of the recruitment of a woman are: whether she has children (49%), flexibility in terms of working hours (35%) and her appearance (33%).
  • For the recruitment of a man, the top three criteria are professional experience (40%), the level of his qualifications (38%) and the ability to be mobile (31%).

(Source: European Parliament Eurobarometer Flash survey (EB flash 371) )

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At Coleman Legal, we embrace all kinds of being and living, and therefore, we would be obliged to support anyone who is enduring resentment from a colleague, a manager, or even a customer at your workplace.

We urge all employers to adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and discrimination, and to enforce procedures that protects employees appropriately, in compliance with the inherent right to the enjoyment of Human Dignity.

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