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Siobhan-Marry-002The Holloway case decision of the London County Court may be an eye opener for those who are dealing with the negative effects of Laser Eye Surgery in Ireland

In late September this year the London County Court ordered Optical Express to pay Stephanie Holloway more than £500,000 damages after the laser eye surgery she received through Optical Express left the antiquarian book dealer’s eyesight severely damaged.

The Judge found that Optical Express staff had failed to properly warn Ms. Holloway of the risks involved and the possible complications of the surgery.

In his decision the Judge considered and criticised the methods and procedures used by Optical Express and the ophthalmic surgeon.

The Judge specifically commented on how Optical Express had used inappropriate advertising and sales techniques to encourage Ms. Holloway to proceed with the surgery.

The Judge was critical of consultation procedure Ms. Holloway received with her ophthalmic surgeon, Judge Bailey commented that in the time Ms. Holloway’s ophthalmic surgeon spent with Ms. Holloway there was “absolutely no way” in which Ms. Holloway received all the important information she needed to receive.

The London County Court decision in Ms. Holloway’s case is likely to be persuasive in the Irish Courts. In the wake of this decision, we are advising a number of people who are experiencing the negative effects of Laser eye surgery on their legal rights.



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