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Defective Blocks Redress Coleman legal LLP

Defective Blocks

Defective Blocks newsletter and latest updates.

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Mother and Baby Home Coleman legal LLP

Mother & Baby Homes

Mother and Baby Homes redress newsletter and latest updates.

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CAMHS Misdiagnosis Coleman legal LLP

CAMHS Review

CAMHS newsletter and latest updates.

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Solicitors in Dublin

A Diverse range of Personal Injury Services

Personal Injury

If you are seeking legal advice for a Personal Injury liability, trust Coleman Legal LLP to guide you through the process.

Medical Negligence

In matters of Medical Negligence, Coleman Legal LLP offers compassionate advice and expert representation. We understand the emotional complexities involved in a case like this.

Child Personal Injury

For Child Personal Injury cases, Coleman Legal LLP provides experienced guidance and compassionate representation, ensuring your child’s rights are protected through the legal process.

Child Medical Negligence

Count on Coleman Legal LLP for empathetic advice and skilled representation dedicated to securing justice for affected families in Child Medical Negligence cases.

Sexual Abuse Law

In cases related to Sexual Abuse law, at Coleman Legal LLP we treat clients with sensitivity and dedication, ensuring voices are heard, and justice is served.

Road Accidents

For Road Accident cases, Coleman Legal LLP navigates legal complexities with experience, ensuring the protection of your rights.

Workplace Accidents

Facing a Workplace Accident? Coleman Legal LLP offers trusted legal support, guiding you through the complexities.

Factory Accidents

In the event of a Factory Accident, rely on Coleman Legal LLP for steadfast legal assistance. Our team is dedicated to securing just outcomes.

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Coleman Legal LLP - Solicitors in Dublin

About Coleman Legal LLP

Founded in 2014 by Dave Coleman, Coleman Legal LLP is a leading Dublin-based firm providing experienced legal representation across the full spectrum of litigation services with particular focus personal injury, medical negligence, and multi-party action cases. Backed by over 100 years of collective team experience, our mission is to support individuals in vindicating their rights, with a team of solicitors dedicated to upholding justice, equality and client empowerment.

Our Team

Coleman Legal LLP Team

At Coleman legal LLP we have a wealth of experienced solicitors, across various litigation domains. Our client-centric philosophy drives a culture of respect, empathy, and expert guidance along the complex and emotional legal process.

Why Coleman Legal LLP?

Navigating the legal system can be an overwhelming, and a stressful experience. At Coleman Legal LLP we are dedicated to providing the guidance, confidence, and clarity in communication for clients along the chosen legal process.

Equal & experienced representation for all

At Coleman Legal, we stand up for the marginalised in society. We are committed to justice equality and respect for all our clients, irrespective of the context or complexity of their case. Every individual deserves the best legal representation. At Coleman Legal LLP, we are committed to providing that service with the utmost professionalism and expertise.


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Solicitors in Dublin

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